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Virginia Breeze Elite

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USSSA Points : 530
Team : Virginia Breeze Elite
Team City : Chesterfield - VA
Overall Record : 12-10
Team Registration : G91454012604
Classified as : Baseball Boys 10 & Under Major
Current End Year Class : Baseball Boys 10 & Under Major

Power Rating : 750
Tournament Record vs. In Class Teams : 3-5
In Class Avg Runs : 5.00
In Class Avg Runs Allowed : 5.38
In Class Avg Runs Difference : -0.38
In Class Runs Scored : 40
In Class Runs Allowed : 43

 vs. BBboys11Maj Teams : 0-2
 vs. BBboys11AAA Teams : 1-0
 vs. BBboys11AA Teams : 4-2
 vs. BBboys10Maj Teams : 3-5
 vs. BBboys10AAA Teams : 2-1
 vs. BBboys10AA Teams : 1-0
 vs. BBboys9AA Teams : 1-0

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    StatureTournament NameEvent
    Avg Run
    24109/7/2013Qualifier Fall FrenzyBBboys11Open 0308152257.333-2.33
    1759/7/2013Qualifier Fall FrenzyBBboys10Open 2001625512.52.510
    21009/15/2013League Richmond Travel Baseball League -FaBBboys11Open 5101559259.8334.1665.666
    3454/27/2014Qualifier Southern SlamBBboys10Open 210132118761
    32005/16/2014Super NIT Northeast Super NITBBboys10Open 121822175.54.251.25
    331007/25/2014Elite World Series Wilson DeMarini Elite World SeriesBBboys10Maj 2309252855.6-0.6

    Game Data

    #TournamentWinning TeamWinner
    Losing TeamLoser
    1*Fall Frenzy Old Dominion Scrappers 11 [BBboys11AA] 4 Virginia Breeze Elite 1
    2*Fall Frenzy Tuckahoe Tornado [BBboys11Maj] 9 Virginia Breeze Elite 6
    3*Fall Frenzy Virginia Predators 11U [BBboys11Maj] 9 Virginia Breeze Elite 8
    4*Fall Frenzy Virginia Breeze Elite 9 Old Dominion Scrappers 10 [BBboys10AA] 4
    5*Fall Frenzy Virginia Breeze Elite 16 rba south [BBboys10AAA] 1
    6*Richmond Travel Baseball Leagu Virginia Breeze Elite 8 RBA 360 [BBboys11AA] 0
    7*Richmond Travel Baseball Leagu Virginia Breeze Elite 13 RISE RED 11U [BBboys11AA] 4
    8*Richmond Travel Baseball Leagu The Bad News Bears [BBboys11AA] 9 Virginia Breeze Elite 7
    9*Richmond Travel Baseball Leagu Virginia Breeze Elite 15 Mid Atlantic Magic [BBboys11AA] 7
    10*Richmond Travel Baseball Leagu Virginia Breeze Elite 12 The Bad News Bears [BBboys11AA] 3
    11*Richmond Travel Baseball Leagu Virginia Breeze Elite 4 Capital City Crushers 11U [BBboys11AAA] 2
    12Southern Slam Virginia Breeze Elite 6 Virginia Aces 4
    13*Southern Slam Hanover Sports [BBboys10AAA] 9 Virginia Breeze Elite 2
    14*Southern Slam Virginia Breeze Elite 13 Western Branch Fury [BBboys9AA] 5
    15Northeast Super NIT EvoShield Canes 2022 Tie Virginia Breeze Elite 5
    16Northeast Super NIT Titans Baseball Club 7 Virginia Breeze Elite 6
    17*Northeast Super NIT Virginia Breeze Elite 8 Virginia Stars [BBboys10AAA] 1
    18Northeast Super NIT SBA Canes 4 Virginia Breeze Elite 3
    19Wilson DeMarini Elite World Se Virginia Breeze Elite 9 Nor Cal Trojans 1
    20Wilson DeMarini Elite World Se West Florida Hammerheads 5 Virginia Breeze Elite 1
    21Wilson DeMarini Elite World Se Virginia Breeze Elite 7 Tampa Tribe 1
    22Wilson DeMarini Elite World Se West Florida Hammerheads 17 Virginia Breeze Elite 7
    23Wilson DeMarini Elite World Se Beaver Valley Red 4 Virginia Breeze Elite 1
    * Indicates games played against teams of different class. Updated every night.
    The first day results are entered all games will appear in tan.

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