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TC Cougars

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USSSA Points : 390
Team : TC Cougars
Team City : The Colony - TXN
Overall Record : 15-22
Team Registration : G91277016433
Classified as : Baseball Boys 13 & Under AA
Current End Year Class : Baseball Boys 13 & Under AA

Power Rating : 808
Tournament Record vs. In Class Teams : 10-16
In Class Avg Runs : 5.35
In Class Avg Runs Allowed : 6.73
In Class Avg Runs Difference : -1.38
In Class Runs Scored : 139
In Class Runs Allowed : 175

 vs. BBboys13AAA Teams : 0-1
 vs. BBboys13AA Teams : 14-17
 vs. BBboys12AAA Teams : 1-4

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    StatureTournament NameEvent
    Avg Run
    82511/19/2011Qualifier 2nd Annual 2day 4game Thanksgiving BBboys13AA 040617324.258-3.75
    63012/10/2011Qualifier TNT's Holiday Hits! 3rd AnnualBBboys13AA 03025121.6664-2.33
    21002/25/2012League TNT Spring Select LeagueBBboys13AA 52020812111.5738.571
    1503/23/2012Qualifier North Texas Spring ClassicBBboys13AA 120711193.6666.333-2.66
    5303/31/2012Qualifier April Fool'sBBboys13AA 210714164.6665.333-0.66
    6304/7/2012Qualifier Easter 1 Day (Saturday ONLY)BBboys13AA 030817315.66610.33-4.66
    3904/14/2012Global Qualifier April Super SlamBBboys13AA 1018104523
    4404/28/2012Qualifier TNT Spring BlastBBboys13AA 22017282576.250.75
    506/30/2012Qualifier Suns Out Guns OutBBboys13AA 120611203.6666.666-3
    3457/14/2012Qualifier Meat On The BoneBBboys13AA 22012282776.750.25

    Game Data

    #TournamentWinning TeamWinner
    Losing TeamLoser
    12nd Annual 2day 4game Thanksgi Keller Raiders 7 TC Cougars 6
    22nd Annual 2day 4game Thanksgi 13u Keller Knights 7 TC Cougars 6
    32nd Annual 2day 4game Thanksgi Swamp Dawgs 8 TC Cougars 2
    42nd Annual 2day 4game Thanksgi 13U TEXAS STALLIONS 10 TC Cougars 3
    5TNT's Holiday Hits! 3rd Annual Tarrant County Bulldogs 5 TC Cougars 2
    6*TNT's Holiday Hits! 3rd Annual Furture Stars [BBboys12AAA] 3 TC Cougars 1
    7*TNT's Holiday Hits! 3rd Annual Furture Stars [BBboys12AAA] 4 TC Cougars 2
    8*TNT Spring Select League TC Cougars 7 Lake Cities Express [BBboys13AA] 2
    9*TNT Spring Select League TC Cougars 14 North Texas Young Guns [BBboys13AA] 1
    10*TNT Spring Select League TC Cougars 16 Lake Cities Express [BBboys13AA] 0
    11*TNT Spring Select League TC Cougars 20 North Texas Young Guns [BBboys13AA] 0
    12*TNT Spring Select League TC Cougars 14 TC Cougars [BBboys12AAA] 4
    13*TNT Spring Select League TC Cougars [BBboys12AAA] 9 TC Cougars 8
    14*TNT Spring Select League D-Bat Mustangs Champagne [BBboys13AA] 5 TC Cougars 2
    15TNT March Madness! TC Cougars 4 Westfork Bulls 3
    16TNT March Madness! North Texas Warhawks 6 TC Cougars 1
    17*North Texas Spring Classic Forney Bandits [BBboys13AAA] 8 TC Cougars 1
    18North Texas Spring Classic TC Cougars 3 Keller Cardinals 2
    19North Texas Spring Classic Bombers Baseball 13U 9 TC Cougars 7
    20April Fool's TC Cougars 5 My Batters Box Sluggers 2
    21April Fool's TC Cougars 7 GC longhorns 6
    22April Fool's North Texas Warhawks 8 TC Cougars 2
    23Easter 1 Day (Saturday ONLY) C Town 12 TC Cougars 4
    24Easter 1 Day (Saturday ONLY) Lone Star Baseball 2017 B 10 TC Cougars 5
    25Easter 1 Day (Saturday ONLY) Waxahachie Tribe White 9 TC Cougars 8
    26April Super Slam TC Cougars Tie Graham THUNDER 2
    27April Super Slam TC Cougars 8 NTX Rockies 2
    28TNT Spring Blast TC Cougars 17 Desperados 4
    29TNT Spring Blast Dallas Stars Lawrence 13U 13 TC Cougars 4
    30TNT Spring Blast TC Cougars 6 13u Keller Knights 5
    31*TNT Spring Blast TC Cougars [BBboys12AAA] 3 TC Cougars 1
    32Suns Out Guns Out North Texas Drillers 13 TC Cougars 1
    33Suns Out Guns Out North Texas Drillers 5 TC Cougars 4
    34Suns Out Guns Out TC Cougars 6 Aledo Canes 2
    35Meat On The Bone TC Cougars 12 Ellis County Prospects 2
    36Meat On The Bone Allen Vipers 14 TC Cougars 6
    37Meat On The Bone TC Cougars 9 Ellis County Prospects 5
    38Meat On The Bone Keller Raiders 6 TC Cougars 1
    * Indicates games played against teams of different class. Updated every night.
    The first day results are entered all games will appear in tan.

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