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USSSA Points : 920
Team : Naturals
Team City : Gainesville - FLN
Overall Record : 21-13
Team Registration : 91067008919
Classified as : Baseball Boys 14 & Under AAA
Current End Year Class : Baseball Boys 14 & Under AAA

Power Rating : 1105
Tournament Record vs. In Class Teams : 7-3
In Class Avg Runs : 5.90
In Class Avg Runs Allowed : 4.00
In Class Avg Runs Difference : 1.90
In Class Runs Scored : 59
In Class Runs Allowed : 40

 vs. BBboys14Maj Teams : 4-6
 vs. BBboys14AAA Teams : 7-3
 vs. BBboys14AA Teams : 7-1
 vs. BBboys13Maj Teams : 2-3
 vs. BBboys13AA Teams : 1-0

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    StatureTournament NameEvent
    Avg Run
    3459/26/2009Qualifier Battle of GainesvilleBBboys14Open 2106151354.3330.666
    17510/24/2009Qualifier Fall ChampionshipsBBboys14Open 4101539167.83.24.6
    34511/21/2009Qualifier Thanksgiving BashBBboys14Open 22015282676.50.5
    1752/27/2010Qualifier February Freeze Out!BBboys14Open 110661638-5
    5703/12/2010NIT Shootout At Sleepy Hollow VBBboys14Maj 130613323.258-4.75
    21103/27/2010NIT The Battle At I-10: Lake City NITBBboys14Open 220818244.56-1.5
    11004/16/2010State Level 2 Quest For The Best: D6 ChampionshipBBboys14Open 40016422210.55.55
    32005/22/2010State Northeast State ChampionshipBBboys14Open 2201223175.754.251.5
    32005/28/2010State Florida State ChampionshipBBboys14AAA 110611115.55.50

    Game Data

    #TournamentWinning TeamWinner
    Losing TeamLoser
    1*Battle of Gainesville Naturals 5 North Florida Sharks Base [BBboys13AA] 4
    2*Battle of Gainesville Naturals 4 North Florida Hurricanes [BBboys14Maj] 2
    3*Battle of Gainesville North Florida Hurricanes [BBboys14Maj] 7 Naturals 6
    4Fall Championships Baker Boyz 14u 8 Naturals 2
    5*Fall Championships Naturals 6 Tarheels [BBboys14AA] 3
    6*Fall Championships Naturals 10 Tarheels [BBboys14AA] 0
    7Fall Championships Naturals 6 Baker Boyz 14u 0
    8*Fall Championships Naturals 15 Tallahassee Claws [BBboys14AA] 5
    9Thanksgiving Bash Naturals 2 West Florida Panthers 1
    10*Thanksgiving Bash Heat Baseball [BBboys14Maj] 10 Naturals 3
    11Thanksgiving Bash Naturals 15 Clay County PAL Bandits 6
    12*Thanksgiving Bash Tarheels [BBboys14AA] 9 Naturals 8
    13*February Freeze Out! Central Florida Sting [BBboys14Maj] 16 Naturals 0
    14*February Freeze Out! Naturals 6 Baker Boyz 13u [BBboys13Maj] 0
    15February Freeze Out! Naturals 8 Baker Boyz 14u 2
    16*February Freeze Out! Naturals 16 Ocala Blaze [BBboys14Maj] 7
    17*Shootout At Sleepy Hollow V Orlando Reds 14U [BBboys14Maj] 11 Naturals 4
    18*Shootout At Sleepy Hollow V Team Orlando [BBboys14Maj] 8 Naturals 3
    19*Shootout At Sleepy Hollow V Naturals 6 Florida Cats [BBboys14Maj] 5
    20*Shootout At Sleepy Hollow V Orlando Reds 14U [BBboys14Maj] 8 Naturals 0
    21*The Battle At I-10: Lake City Naturals 8 jax force [BBboys14AA] 1
    22The Battle At I-10: Lake City Bay County Diamond Dawgs 3 Naturals 0
    23*The Battle At I-10: Lake City Naturals 7 Baker Boyz 13u [BBboys13Maj] 4
    24*The Battle At I-10: Lake City Meteors Baseball [BBboys13Maj] 16 Naturals 3
    25Quest For The Best: D6 Champio Naturals 11 Clay County PAL Bandits 6
    26*Quest For The Best: D6 Champio Naturals 6 North Florida Rebels [BBboys14AA] 5
    27*Quest For The Best: D6 Champio Naturals 16 Florida X-treme [BBboys14AA] 4
    28*Quest For The Best: D6 Champio Naturals 9 Heat Baseball [BBboys14Maj] 7
    29*Northeast State Championship Baker Boyz 13u [BBboys13Maj] 5 Naturals 2
    30*Northeast State Championship Naturals 12 NCF Baseball Stars [BBboys14AA] 3
    31Northeast State Championship Naturals 4 St. Johns Storm 3
    32*Northeast State Championship Meteors Baseball [BBboys13Maj] 6 Naturals 5
    33Florida State Championship Naturals 6 Gatorball Baseball Academ 1
    34Florida State Championship RBI Hawks 14u 10 Naturals 5
    * Indicates games played against teams of different class. Updated every night.
    The first day results are entered all games will appear in tan.

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