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Team Alliance/Charlies

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USSSA Points : 1600
Team : Team Alliance/Charlies
Team City : Olympia - WA
Overall Record : 17-18
Team Registration : 999113893
Classified as : Slow-Pitch Mens-C
Current End Year Class : Slow-Pitch Mens-C

Power Rating : 907
Tournament Record vs. In Class Teams : 7-7
In Class Avg Runs : 15.57
In Class Avg Runs Allowed : 12.36
In Class Avg Runs Difference : 3.21
In Class Runs Scored : 218
In Class Runs Allowed : 173

 vs. SPMensA Teams : 0-2
 vs. SPMensB Teams : 0-1
 vs. SPMensC Teams : 7-7
 vs. SPMensD Teams : 8-7
 vs. SPMensE Teams : 2-1

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    StatureTournament NameEvent
    Avg Run
    2301/17/2009Non Qualifier Frosty Balls-D/ESPMensD 00000000
    1751/31/2009Non Qualifier Winter Championship-B/C-2009SPMensB 00000000
    3602/21/2009State Level 2 Winter Championship - D/E - 2009SPMensD 00000000
    71204/10/2009NIT Mike Ford's KOTNW 'A' NITSPMensA 52351508021.4211.4210
    9504/25/2009NIT Awards Service/AAR C/DSPMensC 2224656316.2515.750.5
    51405/16/2009NIT RAIDER RUMBLE 'A' NITSPMensA 00000000
    4805/31/2009NIT Mizuno Oregon 'C' NITSPMensC 1218434114.3313.660.666
    22206/6/2009NIT COMBAT 'A' N.I.T.SPMensA 00000000
    21106/20/2009NIT AWARDS SERVICE C/D NIT-SATURDAY ONLSPMensC 62321319616.37124.375
    13807/3/2009NIT USSSA Combat Double Men's Major NITSPMensMajor 021919299.514.5-5
    91007/4/2009NIT USSSA Combat Double Men's Major NITSPMensMajor 0220315715.528.5-13
    31807/18/2009NIT COMBAT Mid-Summer Classic 'A' NITSPMensA 00000000
    51558/15/2009State USSSA Men's 'C' State ChampionshipsSPMensC 122254521817.330.666
    32008/29/2009National USSSA/AWARDS SERVICE NORTHWEST NATISPMensC 121939421314-1
    4909/24/2009World Tournament Men's C World TournamentSPMensC 121026358.66611.66-3

    Game Data

    #TournamentWinning TeamWinner
    Losing TeamLoser
    6*Mike Ford's KOTNW 'A' NIT Upper Deck Softball Club [SPMensD] 34 Team Alliance/Charlies 23
    7Mike Ford's KOTNW 'A' NIT Team Alliance/Charlies 29 Slaughter Town/Starbucks 2
    8*Mike Ford's KOTNW 'A' NIT Team Alliance/Charlies 21 Empire Softball/Bergsagel [SPMensE] 8
    9*Mike Ford's KOTNW 'A' NIT Team Alliance/Charlies 35 Damage Crew/Roadhouse [SPMensD] 7
    10*Mike Ford's KOTNW 'A' NIT Team Alliance/Charlies 19 Rockstar/High Tension Sof [SPMensE] 5
    11Mike Ford's KOTNW 'A' NIT Team Alliance/Charlies 12 Doerflinger Software 9
    12*Mike Ford's KOTNW 'A' NIT Loaded [SPMensD] 15 Team Alliance/Charlies 11
    13*Awards Service/AAR C/D Arsenal [SPMensE] 20 Team Alliance/Charlies 19
    14Awards Service/AAR C/D Team Alliance/Charlies 24 Slaughter Town/Starbucks 9
    15*Awards Service/AAR C/D Team Alliance/Charlies 12 Damage Crew/Roadhouse [SPMensD] 9
    16*Awards Service/AAR C/D Nu-Ray Metals/Worth [SPMensD] 25 Team Alliance/Charlies 10
    18Mizuno Oregon 'C' NIT Doerflinger Software 16 Team Alliance/Charlies 12
    19*Mizuno Oregon 'C' NIT Team Alliance/Charlies 18 Bad Newz/ [SPMensD] 10
    20Mizuno Oregon 'C' NIT Caseys Bailbonds/Castle H 15 Team Alliance/Charlies 13
    23AWARDS SERVICE C/D NIT-SATURDA Team Alliance/Charlies 19 Slaughter Town/Starbucks 9
    24*AWARDS SERVICE C/D NIT-SATURDA Nygaard Outlaws [SPMensD] No Score Team Alliance/Charlies 0
    25*AWARDS SERVICE C/D NIT-SATURDA Team Alliance/Charlies 14 Limback Lumber [SPMensD] 13
    26*AWARDS SERVICE C/D NIT-SATURDA Team Alliance/Charlies 14 Nu-Ray Metals/Worth [SPMensD] 8
    27*AWARDS SERVICE C/D NIT-SATURDA Team Alliance/Charlies 15 Rainier Softball Club [SPMensD] 10
    28AWARDS SERVICE C/D NIT-SATURDA Team Alliance/Charlies 19 Caseys Bailbonds/Castle H 18
    29*AWARDS SERVICE C/D NIT-SATURDA Team Alliance/Charlies 18 Nygaard Outlaws [SPMensD] 5
    30AWARDS SERVICE C/D NIT-SATURDA KTI/Cartel Worth 33 Team Alliance/Charlies 32
    31*USSSA Combat Double Men's Majo Classic Glass/Easton/DSS [SPMensA] 28 Team Alliance/Charlies 19
    32USSSA Combat Double Men's Majo Caseys Bailbonds/Castle H 1 Team Alliance/Charlies 0
    33*USSSA Combat Double Men's Majo Northwest Combat / Trojan [SPMensB] 24 Team Alliance/Charlies 20
    34*USSSA Combat Double Men's Majo O&S/Povs/Hoffman/combat [SPMensA] 33 Team Alliance/Charlies 11
    37*USSSA Men's 'C' State Champion Team Alliance/Charlies 22 Bad Newz/ [SPMensD] 18
    38*USSSA Men's 'C' State Champion Hiddenwave/Burton [SPMensD] 17 Team Alliance/Charlies 16
    39*USSSA Men's 'C' State Champion Upper Deck Softball Club [SPMensD] 17 Team Alliance/Charlies 16
    40USSSA/AWARDS SERVICE NORTHWEST KTI/Cartel Worth 15 Team Alliance/Charlies 11
    41USSSA/AWARDS SERVICE NORTHWEST Team Alliance/Charlies 19 CP Framing/Aldercrest/AO 11
    42USSSA/AWARDS SERVICE NORTHWEST KTI/Cartel Worth 16 Team Alliance/Charlies 9
    43*Men's C World Tournament Softball Express [SPMensD] 16 Team Alliance/Charlies 7
    44Men's C World Tournament Team Alliance/Charlies 10 SAND LOT 5
    45Men's C World Tournament Mojo/Search 2 Close/EZ Ca 14 Team Alliance/Charlies 9
    * Indicates games played against teams of different class. Updated every night.
    The first day results are entered all games will appear in tan.

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