Basketball Boys 14U-Grade 8 [5on5] Div2
Tuskegee Spring Break Shootout -- 3/21/2014
5 Teams -- Double Elimination

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5 Winners Bracket  
 Sat 9:00 AM THA   (2   MONTGOMERY SUNS (38-24)   
Fri 5:30 PM THA   (1   TUSKEGEE HOUSING (35-29)    
   Sat 9:00 AM THA   (8   MONTGOMERY SUNS (0-0) 
Wed 6:00 PM THA   (4   SHORTER PIRATES (0-0)Fri 7:30 PM THA   (7   MONTGOMERY SUNS (0-0)   (9   MONTGOMERY SUNS (0-0)

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- ALL Players are required to be on the USSSA online roster at tip off.

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All NFHS rules will apply except for timing. Teams will play four 7-minute quarters.

Clock will run continuously except for shooting fouls timeouts and injuries.

Clock will stop on all whistles the last two minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarter.

If necessary game will be the equivalent of one quarter played immediately after the championship game.

All fouls in the if necessary will result in bonus free throws. The 4th fouls in the if necessary game will result in double bonus.

- One Head Coach is required to check in with the tournament director 45 minutes before game time. We will start on-time and stay on-time at all USSSA Events.

-Except for the first game we will start 15 minutes early to keep the schedule on-time. So please be warmed up and ready to tip off.

- If a team pulls out for any reason after the schedule is posted that team will forfeit the entry fee and will not play again until the entry fee is paid to the USSSA State Office.

-If a team forfeits any pool games that team cannot advance to bracket play! All travel request need to be emailed to us the Monday before. We will do schedules on

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